My Sexual Aha Moment

My hubby and I met 14 years ago at an alumni reunion. I had been purposely single for the past 5 years. Five years I spent enjoying the dating scene, or to put it more bluntly, consuming men with no strings attached. In my 20 something mind, life was sweet: I was single, young, and attractive. It was in this frivolous frame of mind that I met my would-be husband. So naturally for me, after a couple of months I was uneasy and wanted out, yet his aura of confidence drew me closer. After six months, realizing that I had butterflies twisting my tummy at the thoughts of me made me panic with fear of falling in love. I could no longer contain myself and told him it was over, all the while hoping he would plead me to stay. He did not. I then sat on my ego and stayed. One of my best decision so far.

Our relationship has had our share of the good, the bad, and the ugly. One of those ugly adventures was a long sexless period of time, how long you ask? Hum, about 2 months, yikes! Anyhow, after a long discussion for the reasons we went along ignoring each other’s needs, we had a great make-up sex.

The day after when I realized that was deeply in tune with my husband. My aha moment came from the realization that sex nurtures the loving bond between two soulmates. Sexual intercourse is sacred: it is Love with a capital L. Sexual intercourse is a divine bridge between humans and God.

Unfortunately, our society has transformed sex into a consumable. Our generation of kids is exposed to it earlier than before but don’t know better since they copycat their adult siblings. Heck, I went along that road myself.

I wish I had come to this realization sooner. However, I am consoling myself by knowing that my kids will learn about the sacredness of sex sooner than I did.

To Love with a capital L!