Intelligence of the Universe

My heart beats, my blood flows, my cells regenerate, my nails and hair grow. These actions  are orchestrated by the Intelligence of my body. My sole contribution is to feed my body with nutritious foods and drinks, and exercise it.

Same applies to my life. I must feed it with positive thoughts, forgiveness, and gratitude. The Intelligence of the Universe will then take care of the rest.

However, the fine print says that I must step out of the way, that is to say, I must let go of the need to control the how, the when, and all that mumbo jumbo. The control freak in me causes longer delays and higher bumps on the road. I then conclude that, as an individual, I am responsible of my life design.

All it takes is mind, body, spirit gymnastics and then stepping out of the way of the Universe, right? Right! Why the heck is it so damn difficult then?


Author: milzak

Adventurer, Curious

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