She is brown, white, yellow, red, different hues of the rainbows

She is young, old, tall, short, different height of trees

She is large, petite, feminine, boyish, different shapes under the sun

She laughs, cries, dances, mourns, different reactions she owes


She cuddles, spanks, cherishes, nourishes

She is rough, docile, tough, unkind


She is the rainbow with which I laugh,

She is the sun that nurtures my soul,

She is the ocean in which I willingly loose myself

She is the sword that pains me


She is my 1st word

She is my 1st kiss

She my 1st hug

She is my 1st spanking


She is all that and so much more

She is my mother whom I love





Author: milzak

Adventurer, Curious

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