Our Greatest Calling

I am not old or young
I am not male or female
I am not white or black
I am not christian or muslim

I am none of those labels

I am a human
I am a child of God,
I am created by God and from God
I am love, creativity, and laughther

I am what I believe, not what others wish  me to be

I am the moon and the stars
I am the air I breathe
I am the soil I stamp
I am water and fire

I am all of that yet I am nothing at all
I am the Void or the field of all possibilities

With this truth in mind, I will design the Life I was meant to live.
Will you do the same?


Holidays Wishes

Be gentle with yourself
Forgive yourself
Love yourself
As a bonus, you will connect with others.

Blessings to All!

Imperfect Me

Read The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown and boy has it unearthed some heavy stuff from within. From the first chapter I said Damn Brene! by the end, Thanks Brene!

I realized that I deliberately decided to let go of my creative life (play, photography, writing) because I wanted the life prescribed in most TV shows of the 90’s: corporate career, nice house, nice car, well behaved kids, nice husband, bla bla bla….
For the past 5 years or more I have been functioning in a trance, awaiting the perfect alignment of ideal weight, ideal inspiration, ideal career, to launch my so called real life. Throughout this haze I lost connection with my kids – gosh that’s a hard one to swallow – my husband, and myself. I was so absorbed in ME and my self worth that I missed out on the abundance of love, laughther, and joy right in our house, which is to say LIFE itself.

I recently posted on my work computer a note from a tea bag which read: the purpose of life is to enjoy every moment. We often read truth  like these but do not always grasp its roots until a major awakening. I sure am awake today and for days to come so help me God!
I here proclaim that I now choose to be disliked by others but liked by myself,  in order to reach my true self. To let my light shine through.